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Industry Insight – March 2015:

Turbine technology developments to transform offshore wind O&M market

As wind farm owners and operators realise the increasing importance of a sound operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy, technology trends are driving major changes to the industry. These trends, featuring larger turbines installed in deeper waters further out to sea, will have an impact on not only jack-up vessels, but also the methods and cost implications of replacing major components.

This report, based on exclusive research by MAKE Consulting, focuses on technology developments and the related impact on wind farms and vessel operators. It reveals that the average global turbine rating is expected to reach 5.9 MW by 2020. Turbines’ heavier and larger components, such as the nacelles, blades and bearings, will place greater demands on the lifting capabilities of jack-up vessels.

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Offshore Wind O&M Industry Insight March 2015

Industry Insight – April 2014:

How will today’s offshore wind investments and strategic decisions impact tomorrow’s O&M costs?

Supply chain innovation must keep pace with wind turbine and offshore project development in order to meet future demands. The average turbine size will reach the 6MW level by 2020. Projects will continue to grow and turbines will be installed further out to sea and in deeper waters.

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At the same time, the cost of energy in offshore wind needs to be reduced by 40 percent by 2020 and further beyond that. Innovative and long-term strategic change and investment in the industry is required and the onus is on asset owners, wind turbine OEMs and vessel owners.

This report based on exclusive research by MAKE Consulting explores some of the operations and maintenance challenges facing the offshore wind energy industry amidst the rapidly changing market conditions.

It describes in specific terms just how much a wind farm owner can save by being prepared for the event of a major component failure.

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